About OTG

Welcome to Oceans Technology Group

Oceans Technology Group was established as a science and technology company, for sales and  marketing of the patented polymer for industry consulting, and segment licensing.  The initial focus has been on expanding and developing the various potential segments of industry identified as early implementation opportunities for the Advanced ZT™ Polymer.  The company is focused on the continued  testing,  development, and validation of the following segments in industry: 

Precious Metal Mining – POLYMINE4 Polymer System offers 4 Products including organic replacement for total sodium cyanide, and mercury in the separation, cyanidation and flotation process. As well as Mine tailings Management and the separation of any remaining precious, or other metals, and minerals.  The system also offers various products for  water and soil remediation in mining.  

Advanced Cement Additives, and Algae Based Supplementary Binder

Rapid Setting Mortars, and Improved FRP for Infrastructure, and Monolithic repairs.

Advanced Architectural, Decorative, and Institutional Protective Paints and coatings.

Agricultural Polymers for protection against frost/freeze, oxidation, as well as insects and parasites control (Not a Pesticide)  Allows photosynthesis enhanced performance through the vascular system.

Aquaculture Polymers - for Short and Long Term Water stabilization,  as neutralizer, and advanced hatchery nutrition