The Technology & Chemistry

A Patented Crypto Biotic Visco Elastomeric Polymer and Technology
ZT™ a Patented Crypto Biotic Visco Elastomeric Organic Polymer and Technology, and has multiple technical advantages. The polymer is manufactured in the US through a totally sustainable and independent manufacturing process.

The technology is considered a Nano Technology as it works at a molecular level in forming covalent bonds. In its versatile abilities as an advanced polymer it has the following attributes, which are passed on to products/materials as ZT™, a biotic polymer, plasticizer and elastomer in one, is dosed:

The Technology Offers the Following Attributes:​​
·       Superior Elasticity
·       Advanced Thermal Properties up to 1,600 degrees F.
·       Anti-Corrosive Properties
·       Anti-UV
·       Anti-Mold and Mildew
·       Works Molecularly
·       Superior Lubricant with a near “0” Coefficient of Friction
·       Superior Impermeability
·       Prevents Vapor Transfer, or Effervescence
·       Can Form Other Hybrid Materials
·       Forms Covalent Bonds
·       USDA Certified Bio-Based 68% Organic
·       100% Biocompatible with Humans and Animals
·       Can work in water soluble, or solvent base applications
U.S. PATENT No.: US 8,475,586 B12
TRADEMARK: Zero Thermal™

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Crypto-Biotic Visco-Elastomeric Polymer
USDA Biobased Certified 68% Organic Under ASTM D6866-12

Advanced Polymer Chemistry
​​Zero Thermal as a patented disruptive technology understands its place and time which has been defined and initiated with the efforts of Oceans Technology Group.   The ability to work with various segments of industry to better explain and drive the technology to collaborated joint efforts with manufacturers and scientists to bring about the next generation of solutions in:

Advanced Cement Additives, Mortars, Ceramic tiles, Pavers
Advanced Foams and Plastics
Advanced Wood & Particle wood,
Advanced Hybrids in Fiberglass, Steel, and  Aluminum
Advanced Lubricants, Composites, Paints & Coatings
Improved Textiles
​& More...

​The polymer, apart from its versatile use as a superior additive and modifying resin, can form advanced thermal set resins for advanced hybrid plastics, hybrid foams, thermal resistant plastics, and even fire-retardant foams. Due to the polymer’s ability to form new hybrids, there are endless potentials in forming from recycled and waste bi-products, new advanced materials such as:

Impermeable recycled Wood, and paper products
Superior waterborne resins
Superior thermal-set resins
Superior fire retardant foams
Superior biotic institutional hybrid materials for hazardous-materials collection
Advanced biotic instruments coatings
Advanced biotic glues and adhesives for mold, mildew, and bacteria control
Advanced outdoor wood protective coatings for impermeability
Advanced wood resins

We welcome collaboration and joint development projects and ideas.  We are here to assist industry to better understand the many           versitile uses of this advanced patented Alage based polymer and discovery of molecular biomineralization technology.                               For more information on the technology and uses, contact us and provide us your challanges and questions.